I'm Diogo

A detail oriented engineer obsessed with professional and personal potential

"Diogo has been a great contributor to Bubblehouse's security. He finds vulnerabilities that impact the platform and implements the remediations swiftly. He also develops new logic to prevent against attacks, making them more resilient including 2FA, rate limiting, bruteforce protection and more. Overall, great professional!"

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Rohan Sinha
CEO @ Bubblehouse

"Diogo is a very capable and detail-oriented engineer who contributed a lot to the stability and security of our platform. As a manager and tech lead, I loved that Diogo is a self-starter (...self-goer and self-finisher, lol) and required pretty much zero hand-holding when digging into the most obscure rusty parts of the platform. On the security side of things, Diogo was proactively monitoring our logs, caught at least one in-progress hacking attempt and implemented measures to stop it, as well as found and closed numerous other security issues that nobody else on the team would have looked into. This is a well-deserved glowing recommendation."

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Andrey Tarantsov
Tech Consultant

"I met Diogo when he was studying Computer Science and Engineering. Later, I have been working with him on a few projects. Diogo is hard-working, focused, and resilient; a problem solver. He is always ready to help and take on new challenges. His expertise in computer security and DevSecOps has been decisive in the projects we worked on together. Diogo is the computer security expert to have in any engineering team."

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Alexandre Francisco
Professor @ IST, ULisboa

"Diogo is a hardworking professional that strives for having an organized project and workplace. His wide skillset makes him achieve great results, even in areas that may not be his expertise. His determination to keep learning makes its way in seeing him often participating with solutions and valuable input. Overall great professional and person."

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Rรบben Vines
Team Lead | Full Stack Engineer @ Empirepuzzle


2023 - Present
Application Security Engineer
2022 - 2023
Offensive Security Engineer
2019 - 2023
Senior Security Engineer
Senior Security Engineer
NCC Group
2019 - 2022
Security Consultant
2017 - 2019
Junior Security Consultant

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